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Supporting People to Maintain the Quality and Safety of Life at Home

ABOUT US – Printable Brochures

We currently have three brochures about Aging Projects, Inc. that we invite you to download, print and distribute wherever there is an interest in helping people to remain in their own homes as they age. The three brochures are:
  • General Information — What is Aging Projects, Inc.?
  • Information about Volunteering with Aging Projects, Inc.
  • Information about becoming a Service Provider with Aging Projects, Inc.
Each file is a high-quality-print pdf (213K) with the 3 flyers above as separate pages. After downloading, the file may be opened in Adobe Reader, version 6 or later. (This may happen automatically, or you may need to locate the downloaded file on your computer and open it in Adobe Reader. See if you need to download Adobe Reader; it’s free.)

From there, you may print either all 3 pages or just the page(s) you wish. Either print one copy to use to make additional copies on a copy machine, or make as many copies as you want directly from your printer. Note that each printed or copied 8½ by 11" page should be cut to make two half-sheet-sized brochures.

Download the 3-page brochure file in COLOR:
Use the color version to print from a color printer and/or reproduce on a color copier.

Download the Aging Projects, Inc. flyer in color

Download the 3-page brochure file in BLACK-AND-WHITE:
Use the black-and-white version to print from a black-and-white printer and/or reproduce on a black-and-white copier. We don’t recommend reproducing a color page on a black-and-white copier. The logo won’t look as good and the colored text may even be illegible.

Download the Aging Projects, Inc. flyer in black-and-white

  • For help with downloading the brochures, contact the Webmaster.
  • For ideas and suggestions on distributing the brochures where they will be most helpful, contact the Marketing Team.
  • For general information about Aging Projects, Inc., contact the Director.

Aging Projects, Inc.
P.O. Box 5043
Hendersonville, NC 28792


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