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7th Annual Conference (6 videos)
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6th Annual Conference (2 brief videos)

7th Annual “Aging In Place. It’s In Your Future.” Virtual National Conference

In response to the Covid-19 virus restrictions, this year our Conference is entirely virtual. Six outstanding speakers recorded their presentations which are available on the Aging Projects, Inc. YouTube channel. You can view these six vidoes below in any order at any time.

Essential Legal Choices — Presented by Caroline Knox, CELA, NC Board Certified Elder Law Specialist, Knox Law. [30:11]

Steps to Protect You and Your Loved Ones — Presented by David Ellis, MD, FACOG, Chief Medical Officer, Pardee UNC Healthcare. [18:19]

Falls Prevention: The Anatomy of Balance and How to Improve Balance As We And Our Loved Ones Age in Place — Presented by Justin Peterson, MPT, Rehabilitation Director, UNC Kindred at Home. [27:21]

Your Advocate. Needed Now More Than Ever — Presented by Karen Wolfrom, MSA, RNA-BC, CMC, Holistic Elder Services, LLC. [22:10]

The Power of Physical Resiliency — Presented by Ellen Kaczmarek, M.D., Geriatric Medicine and Internal Medicine Specialist. [38:03]

Who are the Councils on Aging? — Presented by Heather Bauer, Executive Director of the Council on Aging of Buncombe County and Keith Logan, Executive Director of the Council on Aging for Henderson County. [23:08]


Aging Projects, Inc.’s humorous and lighthearted approach to the challenges individuals face when Aging in Place.


Mark Keady interviews Joanne Helppie, M.D., Chairperson, and James H. Kelly, President and CEO, on Aging Projects’ three pillars to aging in place, our website, our newsletter and our annual “Aging in Place. It's In Your Future.” National Conference.


This 30-second spot features the 6th Annual Conference.

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