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PROVIDER SERVICES - “Whitelisting” Aging Projects

When Aging Projects needs to communicate with our Service Providers, we sometimes use automatically-generated emails which we compose. Although these emails are sent out by a computer, they are not spam. It’s important that you “whitelist” our email address to make sure your email software and/or your network spam filter won’t block our messages. (Think of whitelisting as the opposite of blacklisting someone.) You can “whitelist” an individual sender or an entire domain such as

One way to do this is to check your “junk” or “spam” mailbox. If you see any emails from, you should specifically mark them as “trusted,” “safe” or “not junk.”

If Aging Projects is in your address book, most spam filters will recognize that mail from us isn’t junk. This website, which is not associated with Aging Projects in any way, gives general information for adding the sender of a specific email, whether it’s in your junk mailbox or your normal inbox, to your address book.

Any emails which are automatically generated (sent by a script from within the website, such as a reminder when it’s time to Review & Confirm your information) will come from either or our email robot, Please add these two addresses to your address book or safe sender list.

In addition, you may be able to specifically allow (whitelist) any emails from this Aging Projects, Inc. domain, e.g., [anything], to come to your in-box.

The specific way you whitelist either an individual email address or a domain is different depending on how your email is handled. This website, which is not associated with Aging Projects in any way, gives general information for many email services. If you have specific questions about your mail software that isn’t covered there, please send an email to the Aging Projects webmaster via the Contact Us page.

You may also receive person-to-person emails from Aging Projects staff or volunteers. These are not automatically generated and shouldn’t be caught by your spam filter. For example, meeting notices usually are sent out in this way.

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