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Henderson County, North Carolina

Helping People live Safely and Happily in Their Own Homes


MISSION, VISION and GOALS for Aging Projects, Inc. and this website for Henderson County, NC.

ALPHABETICAL LIST of all the Service Providers currently part of this website project for Henderson Co., NC.

FOUNDING AND FURTHER FUNDERS who provided financial support to this project.

YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS will support the work of Aging Projects, Inc.

SKELETON CREW, ADVISORY COMMITTEE, BETA TESTERS AND OTHER SPECIAL PEOPLE who provided crucial early guidance to this project.

BOARD MEMBERS, PROFESSIONALS AND VOLUNTEERS who are responsible for the on-going administration of Aging Projects, Inc. for Henderson Co., NC

EVENTS AND MEETINGS: Find out what events are coming up that we’re participating in, and find out how you can become involved as a valued Volunteer with our project. See where and when our next Board and Advisory Committee meetings will be. Everyone is welcome!

NATIONAL AWARDS: Presented annually at the "Aging in Place — It's in Your Future" National Conference. Categories include Volunteer of the Year, Provider of the Year, Advocacy and Awareness Award, Community Partnership Award and President's Award.

PRINT BROCHURES in color or black-and-white with general information about Aging Projects, Inc., as well as information about Volunteering with us or becoming a Service Provider with us for Henderson Co., NC.

For more information: Email the Director.

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